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Crashing Cairo with No Alarms

Friday, January 18 - Doors 8pm - $12

A history of the anthemic rock band… Crashing Cairo

Since breaking into the indie rock scene in February 2007, Metro-Detroit based Crashing Cairo have been primarily playing venues from Chicago to New York City, Cincinnati, up through Michigan. With their debut album, Monday Changed Everything (2008), they merge gritty hooks with rollicking guitars to generate some seriously inspired gems. Monday Changed Everything explores wounded naievete, throwback instrumentals, and smart guitars throughout the album. Their follow-up E.P. "In the Forest", continues there journey, expanding their sonic palate, and growing as song writers. With their release of the single "Cotton Pillow", Crashing Cairo has found their niche with "stadium filling choruses" and driving beats that will resonate with listeners across the spectrum.

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