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Lez Zeppelin

Saturday, November 17 - Doors 8pm - $20 adv.

Founded in 2004 by New York guitarist, Steph Paynes, It wasn't long before the group's reputation for playing Zeppelin's music with a kind of passion and force beyond anyone's expectations began to attract major interest from press and industry. In June, 2005, Chuck Klosterman wrote an article for SPIN magazine that featured Lez Zeppelin as a leading protagonist in a trend of all-female hard rock "tribute" bands. He referred to the group "the most powerful all-female band in rock history" and described the rise of bands like Lez Zeppelin as a "kind of multilayered cultural phenomenon."

The thing that sets Lez Zeppelin apart is the seamless and unique way they inject their gender-bending performance into the original material. They have been features on major television, including: The BBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, MTV, VH-1 and Fox. They've also been featured on SIRIUS XM and NPR. The group's first studio album was produced by the legendary Eddie Kramer (Led Zeppelin/Jimi Hendrix) .

Since Lez Zeppelin's formation, the group has broken the glass and class ceilings, whether it's playing on the catwalk above Times Square for 40,000 fans or on the main stage at Bonnaroo, Hellfest, or the Isle of Wight - Flying to India for a benefit concert or rockin' out at Madison Square Garden. The music, the musicianship and the overall presentation is far beyond your normal tribute act! 

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