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Myspace Emo Prom with Taking Back Emo

Friday, May 31 - Doors 8pm - $8 adv. 

Remember 2009? The time of Myspace, Hot Topic and the battle of Emo vs. Scene kids.

The Magic Bag is throwing a 10 Year reunion party bringing you back to the era of bleeding hearts, sensitivity, and introverted teenage angst.

"Taking Back Emo" is an embodiment from the era borne of Teenage Angst. A revisit to those sad nights, rolling tears and the celebration of your angry youth and independence. Playing your favorites from My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic At the Disco, AFI , and many more, TAKING BACK EMO delivers a sweltering performance of the bands you hate to Love!

Taking Back Emo now only performs live emo concerts, but also hosts large scale emo events including the now infamous "MySpace EMO Prom" night. This tentpole event tributes all the sadness you can handle in the form of your most dreaded night: Your High School Prom! Fully equipped with the principle, a photo stand for those awkward prom pictures captured by a professional photographer and even a make up station, where both boys and girls can get made up with eye-liner and accessories! These EMO theme nights will blast you into the saddest night of Rock and Roll since 2001. 

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