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Panama: VanHalentine's Day IX with special guests The Beggars

Saturday, February 16 - Doors 8pm - $18 adv. 

​The members of PANAMA recreate with great detail and energy, the early Van Halen concert experience. The vocals with Roth's signature scream, blonde mane, stage acrobatics, flamboyant costumes, and party persona that defined "Diamond Dave" are all part of the show. The musicians in PANAMA exemplify entertainment and EVERY performance is aimed at engaging and delighting the audience. PANAMA has performed at numerous venues throughout the Midwest and is quickly becoming a fan favorite in the tribute industry.

They formed in 2003, just north of Detroit, MI, founded by drummer Joe Senac and guitarist Jonny Wilkins, based on a commitment to rock-solid showmanship. Singer (and Pro-Wrestling School drop-out) Steven Tuthill joined in 05, inspired by Wilkins' and Senac's spirited show, inspired by seminal soul/blues-influenced rock n roll.

Wilkins and Tuthill kept the band going as various players of comparably blistering talents and styles came, partied, rocked and rolled on their way, off to join bands like The Electric Six, The Go. Drummer Jim Faulkner (Goober And The Peas) continues to hold the beat down while Pookie Grech provides the soulful, psyche-blues bass grooves under Chris Krez' flavorful guitar firestorms. Wilkins' wields his wailing ax masterfully under the highflying antics of Tuthill, belting the Beggars' anthems with breathless enthusiasm. Wilkins "retired" in November of 2013 to pursue other endeavors and as he says "I never got to see a show by being in the band…I had to leave in order to see what the fuss was all about…The Beggars are better than I thought."

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