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Wannabe: A Tribute To The Spice Girls

Thursday, April 18 - Doors 8pm - $15 adv. 

Stop. Close your eyes. Take a moment to remember. Do you recall a time, not so long ago? A time of innocence? A time of simplicity? A time of Dunkaroos, Beanie Babies, bubble chairs, white eye-liner, Ring-Pops, bucket hats and bicycle shorts? Let's be honest...It's no secret that the 90's were by far the most colorful, dynamic and entertaining decade of all. It really felt as though life couldn't get any better...

Then along came the Spice Girls. It was 1996 when the hit song "Wannabe" swept the world in a swell of pre-teen, bubble-gum hysteria. Ginger, Baby, Scary, Posh and Sporty became the new faces of pop music and girls (boys too!) everywhere were instant fans! With 65 million records sold world-wide, the Spice girls became the best selling girl-group of all time. It was total Spice-Mania!

Fast forward twenty years or so, and millennials are all grown up. Now, more than ever, people are feeling an urge to reminisce. With 90's nostalgia in full swing and talks of a Spice Girls reunion circulating online, there happens to be a new group in town that aims to satisfy the world's absolute craving for SPICE!

Meet Wannabe: A group of "90's kids" who grew up to become some of Toronto's most passionate and entertaining performers. They also happen to be real-life best friends! Brought together by a mutual love for the Spice Girls, this quintet has traveled across the continent, dazzling audiences at clubs, festivals, concert halls and theatres everywhere.

The girls of Wannabe take their jobs very seriously. Being a Spice Girl is hard work that requires serious training, energy and dedication, while staying true to the core Spice Values. With giant personalities, costumes, accents and platform shoes, Wannabe delivers the ultimate 90's party, celebrating friendship and creativity and reclaiming girl power for the 21st century.

Get ready to jump into a time machine and revisit all your favourite Spice Girls songs, plus a handful of covers of delectable 90's jams. Please feel free to stand up, dance, sing along and make lots of noise! As a wise woman once said: "Spice Up Your Life!".

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