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Who? Weekly: A Podcast

Friday, March 8 - Doors 8pm - $25 adv.

WHO? WEEKLY podcast- –The podcast that tells you everything you need to know about celebrities you don't, hosted by Bobby Finger (staff writer for Jezebel) and Lindsey Weber (staff writer for Vulture). Each week, Bobby and Lindsey delve into the Whos and Thems of the pop culture landscape—bravely daring to ask (and then, answer) the question on all of our minds: "Who?" Through banter, deep dives, games and call-ins (619-WHO-THEM!) every week we'll ill-WHO-minate more celebrities that live juuuuuust below the spotlight. If you've ever found yourself waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store, staring at all the slew of gossip rags and asking yourself, "Who even are these people?!" then this this is the podcast for you. Welcome.

Live show description from the act themselves: We like to do our live shows so that they kind of feel like you're watching a live episode of our pod, but with interactive elements. The screen is because mostly everything has visuals, but we do a news-y run through of everything up top, and scroll through our "google doc"—which is what we use when we record, too—so the audience gets to follow along and LOL at the jokes embedded/images/screenshots in there as we gab. Then we'll do a deep dive on something specific—it's been Josh Gad's incessant RIP tweets, a fake Star Maps tour of LA (that was just all pap photos of people standing outside a restaurant called Craig's), a video breakdown of the relationship between two terrible Bachelor contestants, etc. etc. We've always done a game of some sorts—last time it was cut outs of the hats at the Royal Wedding and you had to guess who wore them (we let audience members play & they win prizes). Then, recently, we've had guests—comedians doing their own celeb deep dives / bits, etc. and we'll usually end things with a version of WHAT'S RITA UP TO?—last tour we did a bowl full of tabloid headlines that the audience had to read and guess if they were real or fake. So: lots of things. It's kind of a variety show loosely based off the pod and definitely changing all the time. 

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