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Sold Out: Lords Of Acid "Make Acid Great Again Tour" with special guests

Tuesday, May 21 - Doors 6:30pm - $32 adv. - All Ages

Praga Khan, the visionary behind Lords of Acid, stands as a trailblazer in the realm of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). Initially making waves as a DJ, Praga evolved into an artist, birthing Lords of Acid as one of his side projects.

The Lords of Acid's impact on the EDM scene is indelible, with 2.5 million albums sold in the US alone, solidifying their legendary status. Their debut album, "Lust" (1992), laid the foundation for the EDM movement, influencing a new generation of electronic bands, DJs, and producers—a legacy that endures to this day.

Despite minimal press, radio, or video airplay, Lords of Acid's first two albums, "Lust" and "Voodoo-U," achieved gold status in the US. Since their debut in 1991, the band has soared to popularity with over 300 concerts and 11 headlining tours across the country.

In 1994, music mogul Rick Rubin signed Lords of Acid for the US market, propelling them into Hollywood's spotlight. Their compositions for films like 'Basic Instinct,' 'Sliver,' 'Bad Lieutenant,' and 'Austin Powers' showcased their versatility. They even crafted a full album for the chart-topping video game Mortal Kombat.

The long-awaited third album, "Our Little Secret" (1997), marked their entry into the Billboard 200, reaching number 100. Over the years, lineup changes occurred, yet founder Praga Khan remained at the heart of the Lords of Acid.

As sought-after remixers, Lords of Acid lent their expertise to artists like Jean-Michel Jarre, White Zombie, Alice in Chains, and Gravity Kills. Their fourth studio album, "Farstucker" (2001), showcased a transition to industrial sounds with live instruments, reaching number 160 on the U.S. Billboard 200.

In 2002, Praga Khan temporarily shelved Lords of Acid to compose music for the ballet 'Not Strictly Rubens.' Collaborating with Belgian designer Walter Van Beirendonck and the Royal Flemish Ballet, Praga Khan elevated dance music to new heights.

The ambitious project "The Next Dimension" (Fall 2004) featured a theatrical tour that integrated Praga Khan's music with classical arrangements, video art, ballet, fashion, painting, and performing arts.

In 2010, Lords of Acid embarked on a successful U.S. tour, inspiring Praga Khan to create the album "Deep Chills" (2012). This marked the band's return after a 12-year hiatus, featuring an entirely new lineup and an American vocalist for the first time.

In a captivating collaboration in 2012, Praga Khan joined forces with "Ghost Adventures" host Zak Bagans for a haunting musical project. The result quickly ascended to the Top Ten on iTunes Electronic Chart.

Presently, Lords of Acid, with a new vocalist, Gigi Ricci, is diligently crafting a new album in the studio, perpetuating their legacy as pioneers in the ever-evolving realm of electronic music.

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