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Noah Gundersen with Casey Dubie

Friday, October 6 - Doors 7pm - $20 adv. - All Ages 

In November of 2021, we started this record at Sage Arts Studio in Arlington, Washington. The
south fork of the Stillaguamish River runs through the property – a rapid, churning force. There
is a deep, smoldering green and gray that envelops the Pacific Northwest in the winter. The sun
sets around 4:30 p.m. It's the perfect time to make an album.

Andy Park, Dave Dalton, Sean Lane, Harrison Whitford, Dave Dawda, and I learned and
tracked 11 songs in five days. Most of it was done live, with all of us playing together in the
same room. These guys are incredibly talented musicians and it was a privilege to make this
record with them. This is the third record Andy and I have made together and I am continuously
grateful for his guidance. My sister, Abby, contributed beautiful string arrangements and
harmonies, once again playing an integral part as she has on all my records.

These last several years have been ones of significant personal change. I got married to my
lovely wife, Misha, taking a deeper step into the uncharted territory of building a life with another
person, pushing past my former limits of commitment. We bought a little house in a small town
in Washington with our two (now three) dogs and our cat. It's a quiet life, but a good one.

For a while, I stopped actively pursuing music and took a job working construction. I found
myself disillusioned with the industry and no longer knew my place in it. The world around me
has changed rapidly and I sometimes have difficulty grasping it. There were moments when I
felt I had lost the wind from my sails – but I still love creating music and I love these songs.

It's been a challenging but rewarding period of my life, which I feel throughout this record. A lot
of regret and failure, but also hope and the transformative power of love. Acceptance of the way
things have been, and the way they are, and how little control we really have – acceptance that
everything is transient. My hope is that these songs will find you in the ways you need. Here's
another message in a bottle – I hope it washed up on your shore at just the right time.


Casey Dubie is a folk-pop artist from Vermont. Casey produced Strangers in Nashville and released her five-track EP in November 2015. Previous EPs include Neverland and In Your Atmosphere. Known for her rich use of analogies and imagery, Casey's music is a mix of heartbreaking angst, gentle narratives, and the stories of life's unapologetic realities. Her music invites audiences to experience journeys in love, heartbreak, and spirituality. Influences include Noah Gundersen, Anais Mitchell, Valley Maker, Ben Howard, and Daughter.
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